Monday, September 04, 2006


Kai's been pretty sick this week which has led to a few interesting developments in general.

I've been teaching him sign language since he was 8 months old. So all those months of teaching Kai how to sign have fully paid off as of yesterday. He's been sick all week, but nothing major until Friday when he was just a train wreck. He just looked like a mess all day and spent most of it either sleeping, crying, or nursing. He was refusing all food and only wanted to nurse. Saturday he woke up crying so I figured he had a sore throat and asked him if he had a boo boo in his mouth. He immediately stopped crying and did the sign for boo boo by his ear! He told me he had an ear ache so I got him to the doctor immediately and sure enough he had an ear infection starting!

Now while I'm really sad that he was in pain and had the infection to begin with, I'm over the moon about the fact that he was able to tell me so clearly and specifically what was wrong! I wouldn't have had a clue otherwise and the ear infection would have gotten much worse before I thought to bring him in to the doctor.
Yay Kai!

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