Monday, September 04, 2006

Having a "Kill the Child" Evening... - Entry for June 28, 2006

So tomorrow is my interview with the COO of the business unit making the job offer. Basically, it's the final interview that I have to nail, and of course, Kai's baby radar for demolition has gone off. This evening has taken twice as long to get through our night, which was ok until I got him
ready for bed...

He had taken a 24 ounce sports bottle of water (I generally keep 2 of them on my night stand in case either of us need water in the night. I always go through it by morning), opened it up and poured it out on the bed and all the pillows, then stacked everything in a pile on top of the puddle with the water bottle buried at the bottom of all the pillows so I wouldn't "see" it. Well, I didn't, until I went to straighten out the bed to sleep in.

Now I suppose I should be thankful that it was only water. He could have opened up his bottles and poured rice milk all over the bed (while he's weaning he's been asking for rice milk because it tastes like breast milk), or he could have just peed all over it, which is always a possibility since he's potty training and refusing to keep his nappy on any longer. The wet bed I can deal with because it's on his side ;^) He can sleep on a towel tonight, but all the pillows were SOAKED. I mean, unsleepable. And they're all either memory foam or down, neither of which will ever dry well or can go in the dryer. I've now got to sleep without a pillow the night before my final interview.

This is a kill the child moment. He is sooooo lucky he's learned how to kiss me this week. While I was lecturing him on not pouring things on the bed, he giggled and kissed my nose. I swear, baby cuteness is a survival mechanism.

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