Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kai Part 2 in the boobie logic war that I'm losing badly:

KAI: 1st thing this morning... "Mama, I want to do boobies now"

ME: "It's not time to do boobies now baby."

KAI: "Why?"

ME: "Because it's time for me to go potty, then you to eat breakfast, and for me to have my tea"

1 hour later... I'm sitting in front of the computer with my tea, reading my horoscope. Kai marches in with his bib on and a face full of yogurt...

KAI: Points at the computer monitor with a sneaky smile, "Look! It says time for boobies!"

I'm having horrified visions of nursing a grade schooler... Someone please tell me again that he's really going to just lose interest one day!

Yssa (or Izzy), mom to Kai v.2.5 who is typing with one hand while the lactose vampire is curled up happily in the other arm nursing away

On weaning a 2.5 year old and the logic that you have to combat...

ME: "No more boobies today baby. The milk is all done"

KAI: (Walks in to the kitchen, opens the fridge, comes back in with a half gallon of milk in his hands.) "Here Mama! Drink more milk to fill up the boobies!"