Monday, September 04, 2006


Kai has found a new purpose for the boobs. Since he's been sick all week and nursing non-stop my milk production has gone through the roof. Basically I'm lugging around melons again which I must say isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. I'm stunned that I didn't ever notice this when he was an infant. This is awful. The side effect is that I'm engorged a bit. Kai discovered just about 10 minutes ago that if he squeezes my breasts they squirt. AHHH! He squirted the cat in the head (who was sitting on the couch next to us) so now all he wants to do is squeeze my breasts to squirt the cat in the head again. This is a rather unsettling development to the all purpose nature of the breast as a pacifier and all around plaything. As I'm typing I'm actually defending myself from this little demon who is trying to juice me. HELP! There is no way to descibe the image of a toddler coming at you with a pincer grip aimed at your nipple...

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