Monday, September 04, 2006


As everyone can tell from the hundreds of photos I take of him, Kai spends a good part of his life in footed bunny sleepers. Fleece ones. Nice warm, hermetically sealed, fleece bunny sleepers. They're warm, and soft, and just perfect for baking a cake in. This morning Kai woke up like any other morning, had his yo-baby in a sippy cup, some cheerios, raisins, a banana, juice, his normal roaming around the house breakfast while he played with his trains. At about 10:00 am I noticed the huge lump at his knee. Now I normally change him when he gets up, but I'm sick. Really sick. I've been bed ridden for 2 weeks just about, so I'm moving slow. For the most part, I've been bringing him to daycare and letting them deal with the diaper in the morning, so this morning I was a bit remiss in not changing him immediately. I had no idea what this minor error in judgment would turn in to.
So. At 10:00 I see the lump, huge lump, wadded up diaper looking lump, at his left knee. Of course I snatch up the little guy and realize his diaper has come off in his hermetically sealed pj's. Normally he only pees in the morning and doesn't typically poo until 5:00 pm sharp. He's like old faithful that way. Well. Not today. Not. Today. Today I unzip his jammies, rather amusing that his diaper had fallen off, to find that he had poo-ed this morning. He had poo-ed, his diaper had come off in his hermetically sealed, bake a cake in me, fleece jammies, and he'd been allowed to march around the house in it for 2 whole hours. Needless to say, I unzipped him to find him bathed from the arm pits down to his toes in poo. I'm not kidding. He was covered literally head to toe in the nastiest, biggest, stinkiest , encrusted poo I've ever seen. Yesterday he was at daycare and for one of those rare days I didn't prepare his lunch for him and let him eat their food. I can only imagine what the hell he ate. I had no way to peel his clothes off and clean him. I finally got him naked and somewhat wiped off, but half of it was baked on to his skin, so I carried him arms length in to the bathroom and dropped him in the sink.
I'm traumatized. This was something out of a horror novel. I had to throw out his pajamas. I was retching for the first time changing his diaper. I just had to share this terrifying experience.

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