Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Project Runway Moment

Kai has been watching Project Runway with me for 3 seasons now. For the past 2 seasons he's called the winner. Yes folks. At the age of 2, my boy had a true sense of style :^)

Anyway, Wednesday nights during Project Runway season have now become "Party in Mama's Bed Night". It has become sacrilege to make him go to sleep before Runway is over. Thank goodness they bumped the time up to 9:00 as opposed to 10:00. Afterwards he's allowed to crash in my bed since by that time we're both ready to pass out anyway.

Last week was the Drag episode. Kai was rather upset that the Kabuki Queen didn't win, then announced that this was his favorite episode of Project Runway ever because, and I quote, "I love Dragon Queens! They're cool! I like dragons, and I'm a king so I have to marry a queen so I love queens too!"

Oh my.