Monday, September 04, 2006


We've been going to the Museum of Natural History every Sunday since Kai started walking. I take him through the mamal exhibit over to the whale room. The first time we went I thought his head would explode from excitement. He started running from one exhibit to another asking em what the animal's names were "This?!" Once I told him, he'd repeat it (to the best of his ability, "beas! (bears) moo! (moose) wa! (walk) but! (pushed the buttons in the space area downstairs), then run to the next one and do it again. The big thing on his agenda though is the bears. There is one exhibit with a bear that has to be over 10 feet tall, paws up, it just looks so impressive. He's obsessed with the bear and just keeps saying BEAS BEAS BEAS! until we get there. After the first day we went he started dreaming, laughing, and talking in his sleep! OMG! It's sooooo adorable! He did it for 2 nights in a row. The other night he started giggling in his sleep, pointed at something (his eyes were shut and he was asleep) and said "This!" It was adorable! Next night he just started laughing in his sleep. Oh! I love my little creature so much. The best one was about 3 nights ago he woke up at 4:00 a.m. sat up in bed, looked right at me, put his hands over his head, and roared at me "RAAAA!" It would have been even funnier if it wasn't 4 am, but it was still pretty hysterical, only I then had to convince him to go back to sleep instead of talking endlessly about the bears again.

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