Friday, October 31, 2008

Kai on the Election

I'm watching Keith Olbermann on MSNBC and they open with the polls.

KAI: Look Mama! Barack Obama has more votes than John McCain!
ME: (stunned) Do you know what that means baby?
KAI: Yes. It means he's going to be the next President. Mama. We need to vote.
ME: We'll vote on Tuesday baby. You can vote with me, OK?
KAI: OK. Then we can vote for the very important man
ME: Who is that sweetie?
KAI: Barack Obama

I kid you not. My jaw is in my lap right now. He actually has been watching the election coverage and gets it all. I'm just...stunned is all I can think of...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Structural Deficiency in Women from a 4 Year Old Boy's Perspective

Kai marched in the bathroom this morning while I was doing my business and began to study me.

KAI: "Mama, can you aim?"
ME: "No sweetie, my wee wee isn't big enough to aim."
KAI: "That's right, boys have big wee wees, girls have little wee wees"
ME: "That's right honey"
KAI: "But you can still aim"
ME: "No sweetheart, that's why girls go potty sitting down"
KAI: "Sure you can! Some girls go tee tee standing up. You just need to learn how to aim right!" I can teach you!

Oy vey

Saturday, October 04, 2008


My dog Camille passed today at noon. She had become very ill and, while I was hoping to have the vet euthanize her in our home Monday, she took a turn for the worst last night and I felt waiting would simply force her to suffer over the weekend. I took her to the vet this morning and was with her through it. She was content and at peace when they put her down.

Camille was my first, or practice child. While my love for her can never compare to Kai, nor should it, I loved her deeply none the less and her loss is very hard.

I have had her cremated and will be getting her ashes back. We will be honoring her spirit and her life at our annual Yule Solstice by planting a tree with her ashes.

Camille was a good girl and an amazing friend. Both Kai and I are very sad and we miss her.

Friday, October 03, 2008

The Great Schlep