Monday, November 10, 2008


I was on a late conference call at about 6:00 pm Thursday evening. I tend to work till bout 9:00 pm, but I don't have calls at around 5:00 or 6:00 too often because it's dinner time. Anyway, I rescheduled this call for after 5:00 because I had a back to back day and it was the only time I could fit it in. It had to happen that day because we were reviewing the quarterly business letter that was due by the end of the week.

In any case, Kai has an internal clock when it comes to the end of my business day and dinner. The conference call started reasonably enough with the head of my division thanking us for doing such a late call to accommodate my schedule, to which everyone started cracking jokes about me working from home and probably still being in my pajamas (which is really gross, but was actually true :^) About 10 minutes in to the call, Kai marches in to the room with a brick of cheese.

Now, under normal circumstances he KNOWS he's not allowed in my office while I'm on a conference call and MUST be quiet. The quiet part he was, but he marched in with the cheese and handed it to me. He wanted to be fed and as far as he was concerned, my business day was DONE. I put myself on mute, chased him out, and told him I'd feed him once I was off my call.

About 5 minutes pass and I hear furniture moving in the kitchen, then the top of the cookie jar come off. I put myself on mute again and go marching in to the kitchen to find him with a pile of Oreo's in his lap which I confiscated, closed the cookie jar, and told him, yet again, to wait and I'd feed him in a few minutes. I then go back to my office and respond to a question that was asked of me trying to be intelligent.

Another few minutes go by and the full insurrection begins. Kai marches in, starts stomping his feet at me and mouths (no sound) "I'M HUNGRY!!!" then climbs in my bed. Next thing I know he's wearing my bra and dancing around my room. I'm trying to catch him to:

(a) get my best bra back before he destroys it

(b) eject him from the room.

He takes off running with it on, my call finally ends, and I got the picture before I killed him, then fed him.

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