Wednesday, July 02, 2008


A while ago I bought Kai an ant farm and an insect "house". Both were really cheap and came with a mail away form to get the respective bugs for the houses but I figured we'd just catch stuff which was a failure, so finally I got around to sending away for his bugs. What started out as us getting caterpillars to turn in to butterflies rapidly descended in to praying mantis hell when we went to the web site to place the order and Kai saw the BIG praying mantis picture. I don't know what the hell I was thinking to be quite honest. I mean, We had a choice between caterpillars, ladybugs, or praying mantis'. I figured we could try all the bugs out in turn but we had a coupon for one bug free so I was a happy idiot who said, "SURE you can get the praying mantis egg instead!"

Bugs do not hatch 1 to an egg. They hatch 100 - 200 to an egg. I know this. I think everyone in a rational state of mind knows this.

Today the bugs arrived.

I now have an ant farm FULL of the angriest looking red ants I've ever seen, and this huge praying mantis egg, with another vial of bugs to feed the 200 mantis' when they hatch.

They're all in Kai's room on his dresser.

I'm in my room scratching.

He's in there saying good night to his bug collection.

I've threatened his life if he opens either of the habitats.

I give it till the morning.

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