Sunday, June 08, 2008

Kai's Rollercoaster Mis-Adventure

So the fact that I'm posting this for the world to view does seem rather horrendous of me, BUT, you need to know the back story.

This was NOT Kai's first rollercoaster ride. This was in fact the SECOND time he was on this rollercoaster that day. The first time he held his breath. Then he wanted to go on again after discussing it at length with us all day. He decided that if he screamed the whole way it would be fun.


The fact that I found his sheer terror in this video of the second ride to be so funny is unfortunate for him when he turns 16 and all his girlfriends will get to see it, but he thinks it's pretty funny too right now so he'll suffer the humiliation in 13 years. For now, here's the story.

We get on the rollercoaster, and as you can see he's having a blast as we go up the first hill. What you don't hear is that as soon as he sits in the car before the ride even begins, he starts to scream. He does this as a joke the entire time until we hit the top of the hill and his eyes pop out of his head. Then the scream becomes a whole lot faster and higher. The guy in front of us actually turned around when the ride was over to see if he was ok.

Sorry kiddo, the second time was just as bad as the first, although as soon as we stopped, he starts clapping, says it was scary fun and wants to go again.

That's my man!

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Joanne said...


That was great! What I love is that he showed nothing of the fear once he was off. Way to go Kai!