Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Twisted Little Control Issue

I just got Kai in to bed, his own bed, at a reasonable hour, for the first time in over a week. Probably closer to 3 weeks to be honest. While we've been sick he's found his way back to my bed. I even reinstalled the bed rail on "his" side of the bed after he almost threw himself off the bed in a fevered delusion the other night.

I'm getting off track.

Now that he's sick and I'm not, he's focused on a particular little control issue to flex his 3 year old muscles over Mama. He won't wipe his own nose. I'm not saying that he's refusing to have his nose wiped. NOOOO!!!! His nose is running like a faucet. Long yellow, gooey masses of disgusting mucous every 2 minutes or so pouring out of his face for 3 days. His issue isn't that he doesn't want his nose wiped. On the contrary. He's following me around with a box of tissues wailing, "Mama! Boogies!" I can have my hands full, and he's refusing to wipe his own nose. I could be on the toilet and he won't wipe his own nose. He'll hand me to box of tissues and go, "Nooooo Mama! I want you to do it!" 3 days, every 2 minutes or so, and we haven't seen the outside of this apartment in 3 weeks. Does anyone want a little boy? At one point I couldn't drop what I was doing to wipe it for him and he had to wait a minute or two for me while I sat there trying to reason with him from the other room asking him why he couldn't just wipe his own nose just this once. By the time I got to him his face was covered. It was just beyond disgusting. It's not that he can't wipe his own nose. He's been doing that for a year and a half now. He can even blow his own darn nose. Somewhere in the past 2 days he decided that, as he puts it, it's my "job". "Mama. You doooo it. It's Yooooure joooobbb!"

I think I'm going to be thankful when I get to go back to work at this point. I'm going to get to my office, cling to my desk, and kiss my keyboard next week.

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