Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Sudden Passion for Tighty Whiteys

OK. Through out my dating life I've always had that initial, "Ewwww" if ever I saw a guy in tighty whiteys. I mean come on! What are they about? I could not for the life of me comprehend why a man would wear such horrendously unsexy repellant underpants, and shiver when the bleating response came back at me, "but they're comfortable!"

I have now fallen in love with the image of a scampering little tushy in tighty whiteys. Kai has been running around the house all day in just his underpants. No Sponge Bob today. No Spider Man or Shrek. Just plain old tighty whiteys and oh my! He's just so cute! His tushy looks so teeny and bright with his skinny little legs and belly popping out over the waist band, underpants drooping in the back. Sigh. It's sort of like having the old 1960's Pillsbury Dough Boy in my house, only cuter. Oh my!

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