Saturday, September 22, 2007

Score One for Mom and the Monster!

We've got one wily monster over here!
He must have known that Mama doesn't allow candy. When Kai woke up this morning the box was closed again, but this time when he opened it there was a note in it with "KAI" inside a heart...AND...3 BIG, juicy, gummy bugs! Oh my goodness!

At 6:00 this morning Kai came running in to my room, box in hand, yelling, "Mama! Mama! The monster was here!" When he showed me what the monster had left him I scowled in absolute disapproval at the contents of the box. Kai looked sad. He said to me, "...but I'm not allowed to have candy." "No." I said. "You're not." Then Kai said, "...but Mama. It was a present. He might be sad if I don't eat his present." To which I responded, "Well. That must be a wily monster. I'll bet he knows you're not allowed to have candy! He left you some because he knows that I HAVE to let you eat it now. Well, I suppose you should eat it to let the monster know you like him."

Kai hesitated, big goofy smile on his face. It was pretty obvious that he didn't think he'd win this argument with such a lack of resistance. He popped one gummy grub in his mouth and bit down on the disgusting, gooey, squishy, sweet, and sour, yellow thing. I haven't actually seen the look that spread across his face since he was 6 months old and I introduced him to his first taste of bananas. It was a slow dawning of bliss and discovery. Texture, taste, and a partial revulsion for the ick factor, making the eating of a gooey bug sensational. I asked him, "Is it good?" to which he replied by popping one in my mouth, "Here Mama. We have to share!" and emphatically shaking his head "YES!"

Score one for the monster.

Score another half a point for Mama too...

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