Tuesday, February 27, 2007

An "UGH! Little boys!" story, or How to Derail Potty Training and All Bodily Functions for that Matter...

Cover your eyes if you've only got a girl...

Kai is potty training, but has recently gone through this phase where he got constipated once so now he's decided that it's associated with the potty.
  • Poo poo is stuck in tushy.
  • Tushy hurts.
  • Poo poo goes in the potty.
  • Poo poo won't come out.
  • Going poo poo meant a boo boo tushy so hold it in so it won't hurt coming out
  • and, oh yeah...
2 year old logic just as we were at that golden gate of poty training diaper freedom! Noooo!!! Sigh. Now he is refusing to go on the potty, and is holding in his poop for days which is perpetuating the whole constipation issue.

Anyway, he finally pooped this week. This unplugged the cork and led to 2 days of elimination after 3 or 4 days of holding it in. FINALLY I had him diaper free again for a day where he wasn't screaming that he HAD to have his nappy to poop.

OK. So I spend all day with him Sunday, nappy free to air out his bottom, and get him to go on the potty if he has to go since he won't do it on the floor (trying to rebuild positive connections with the potty again).

OK... So...

At one point during the day he was sitting in my lap and, since he's a boy, his hand reaches down to grab his penis simply because that's what it's there for, only it had retracted in to his scrotum all the way.

OMG! He sat there in my lap freaking out because his wee wee was gone. "Mama! Where's my wee wee?! It's gone! It's gone!" grabbing at it trying to pull it out. All it took was standing him upright for everything to fall back in to place where it should be but egad! As if we weren't having enough bodily function difficulties already, now his wee wee, his most prized possession, has up and disappeared on him.

I'll be lucky if he ever goes to the bathroom again.

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