Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bed Time Birds & Bees

As I'm getting Kai dressed tonight he reaches down, grabs his scrotum, and asks, "Mama, what is this nut in my wee wee?"

I responded, "That's called your scrotum. It's where all your seeds for making babies are when you grow in to a man."

Kai started jumping up and down yelling with excitement. "Yay! So I can make babies?!"

"Well," I said, "Men have seeds and mamas have eggs. You need to mix the seeds and eggs to make a baby."

"That's so cool!", Kai yelled. "So I can grow up and I can give you my seeds and you can make a new baby!"

"No sweetie. Boys can't make babies with their mamas. It won't work. The babies come out all mushy. When you become a man you're going to have to find another lady to give your seeds to."

"Awwww. Well that's ok. I can still grow up and make a baby!"

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