Friday, August 10, 2007

Worshiping an Aged Venus... or so i thought...

As he always does like clockwork every morning, Kai climbed in to bed yesterday at 6:00 A.M. and attached himself to me to nurse. Having limited defenses at this early hour. (being a raving insomniac), I have as yet to figure out how to wean him in the mornings and instead roll over to snuggle him while I try to sleep through the intrusion.

This morning however, about 5 minutes in to nursing, Kai detaches, reaches out and embraces me with 2 chubby hands and sighs, "So Beautiful!"

Stunned, being half awake to begin with and overwhelmed with emotion at what my beloved son just did I foolishly asked (as if I haven't learned my lesson by now to just accept these little pearls as gifts and simply not question them...), "What did you say baby?"

Kai smiles, sighs, and says, "The boobies are so beautiful!" then latches on again and proceeds to nurse for a half hour straight.

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